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Mega Air Travel

Who we are.

Mega Air was set up more than 20 years ago, and ever since it has maintained Incentive Travel as its core business.

Our competitive edge lies in Group travel and we recognize that creativity and innovation is the key in maintaining market leadership. We strive to revisit and improve our product specifications of mainstream products. We constantly work on our forte to improve and emphasize on Craft Your Own tour programs for travelers looking to expand their horizons.

Mega Air has evolved from an incentive travel agency into a Destination & Event Management Company.

Mega Air Travel

Chauffeur Service

Tell us what type of car and where do you need it and we will wait at your doorstep. Our fleets range from 44 seat long distance coach to 4 Seat luxury sedan. All our service comes with chauffeur for daily to weekly usage. Safety is our main priority when being chauffeured by our fleets and arriving destination on time.

Mega Air Travel

Sales Incentive Travel

Reward your employees by giving them a vacation they can ever dream of. The essential factor for Sales Incentive Travel to succeed is to grow the number of achievers every year for your company. Special highlights or exclusive parties crafted just for your company event, from Private Yacht to exclusive invites celebration.

Mega Air Travel

Annual Dinner / Gala Dinner

Have you ever been to a company event and your colleagues are enjoying the party but you are handling all the arrangement? We want you to enjoy with your friends & colleague and let us do the work. You yourself is also part of the event. Closing a theme park just for your company, sandy beach to royal banquet. We encourage exceptional ideas to give you an unique experience.

Mega Air Travel


Seminar, training or meeting by providing you top notch trainers or provide seamless setup service which.

Mega Air Travel

Booth Structure

We customize booth structure with complete design and idea for your exhibition. An attractive booth stands out among other exhibitors, attracts more customers to your booth.

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Address: Suite 10.04, Level 10, Amoda Building, 22, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: +603 2141 9433